Hiring is Hard. 

HireBus Makes it Easy.

Meet HireBus. The world’s best home services hiring automation platform that scores and schedules only the top 1% of candidates directly to your calendar – so you can focus on growing your business.

Making hiring effortless for the world’s leading home service teams

“We hired six techs in TWO months. Out of the first two hires, one is already leading his own truck and doing a great job with upsells.”

Tyler Witty, Owner

How HireBus Works


Automated Job Ads. Start with a Bang.

Our AI crafts and places your ads where the best candidates will see them, saving you time and attracting top talent.


RightSeat™ Scoring. Finding the right person for the right seat.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI and behavioral science, we assess candidates on a comprehensive set of attributes to predict their success in the specific roles for which they are applying.


AI-Powered Interview Scheduling: Choose With Confidence

We schedule only the most promising candidates for interviews, prepared with custom questions that reveal true potential.

"Hiring Magic"

A happy business owner

You run your business. We’ll do the hiring.

It takes small business owners 23 hours for each hire.. With HireBus, it takes less than 3 hours… and they stay 90% longer.

Why HireBus

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of hiring managers stated that they made a bad hire because they needed to hire someone quickly, according to CareerBuilder.

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of an individual’s first-year expected earnings is the estimated cost of a bad hiring decision according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Working Days is the average time it takes a company to fill a position in the United States. (SHRM, 2017)

Calculate the Cost of a Bad Hire

“I personally hate the “roll of dice” that the hiring process can sometimes be... HireBus fills the gap and gives more 
assurances in hiring .”

Steven Button, Owner

The HireBus Philosophy

Our philosophy at HireBus is rooted in the belief that small and medium-sized home service businesses deserve access to the same caliber of hiring tools and technologies that are available to large corporations. We see a pressing need for a more strategic, integrated approach to recruitment — a process that is streamlined, data-driven, and capable of delivering not just any candidates, but the right candidates.

Hiring is Hard.
HireBus Makes it Easier