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Getting the right people in the right seats is the key to your success as a business owner. HireBus was built to give you, the home service business owner, unlimited access to research-backed behavioral assessments that have been taken by millions of people over twenty years.

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Business owners, only spend your valuable time with qualified candidates who are right for the role and right for your business. 

Get the right person in the right seat. 

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Hiring Is Hard.
Hirebus Makes It Easy.

Many industries are drowning right now, struggling to fill positions and keep the people they hire. Businesses are suffering through lost revenue, decreased productivity, and significant burnout for existing employees.

With many companies facing a tidal wave of unfilled positions, hiring managers are under intense pressure to hire fast. Without a system in place to support speed and accuracy, bad decisions are far too easy to make:

Are you ready to get the
right people in the right seats?


Hear how other home service business owners, just like you, are using HireBus to radically transform their teams.

How We Help

With HireBus, you can accurately identify the success potential of candidates fast and effectively develop your employees once hired. Using a scientifically-validated behavioral assessment powered by Behavioral Essentials and industry-specific profiling, we help you quickly assess a candidate’s fit for common roles in the home-services industry, and give you tools to understand and keep your employees.

How It Works


Powerful Behavioral Science, Simple Process.
Invite your candidates to take our 8-minute behavioral assessment and instantly see how well they fit the role benchmark, their core behaviors and areas for growth.


Benchmarks made for the Home-Services industry that help you put the right person in the right seat™. Right now.
Stop hiring the wrong person for the job. Based on years of experience in the home-services industry and millions of data points, HireBus has created behavioral benchmarks that help you identify your ideal candidate – simply choose the role you’re hiring for and we’ll do the rest!


Standardize your Interview Process
Get custom Interview and coaching questions based on an applicant’s behaviors and the role benchmark to explore any areas of misalignment during the interview.


Keep the right people in the right seat™. (Keep the wheels on the bus rollin’)
Simple, self-directed reports give you advanced behavioral insights and coaching recommendations to help new and existing employees grow in their role.

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