Hiring the right person.
For the right seat.

The RightSeat™ Assessment is a scientifically-developed assessment that measures 21 core behavioral tendencies, motivators, and values of an individual. Delivering you the right person in the right seat. 

Making hiring effortless for the world’s leading home service teams

“I personally hate the “roll of dice” that the hiring process can sometimes be... HireBus fills the gap and gives more 
assurances in hiring .”

Steven Button, Owner

What is the RightSeat™ Assessment?

Utilizing cutting-edge AI and behavioral science, RightSeat™ assesses candidates on a comprehensive set of attributes to predict their success in the specific roles for which they are applying. This not only enhances the quality of hires but also aligns new employees with the company’s long-term goals and culture.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average cost of a bad hiring decision is at least 30 percent of the individual’s first-year expected earnings.

Why use the RightSeat™ Assessment

A Scientific & EEO Compliant Methodology

The RightSeat™ Assessment is based on scientific methodology for behavioral testing that has long been established as valid and reliable. Additionally, RightSeat™ has been tested with thousands of companies and administered well over 1,000,000 times.

Unique Focus on Behaviors

Through years of field-testing and modification, HireBus has evolved the approach into a unique behavioral perspective. The results focus directly on how a person behaves so we can recommend actionable steps to help improve their work and personal life or for leaders to make hiring/promotion decisions.

More useful than a Personality Test

Biodata instruments like the RightSeat™ Assessment represent a larger perspective of an individual’s way of being in the world. Unlike the DISC or MBTI, which give you a 4-item perspective of fixed traits, RightSeat™ is a composite of your motivators and preferences of behavior. And unlike personality which is often deemed as “fixed” for an individual, behaviors can and do change.

Industry-leading features built to find you the right hire, fast.

Multi-Person Line Chart

See your whole team’s behavioral scales in one view to understand trends and find weak spots.

Behavioral Heatmap

See a colorful display of high-to-low scores at each behavioral trait for advanced analysis.

Conflict Analysis

Quickly see a conflict analysis between any group of people in your HireBus database.

Statistical Analysis

Get averages, highs, lows, and standard deviations for each behavior scale - the start to building your own benchmarks.

Behavior Scale Breakdown

See your whole team’s behavioral scales in one view to understand trends and find weak spots.

The HireBus Philosophy

Our philosophy at HireBus is rooted in the belief that small and medium-sized home service businesses deserve access to the same caliber of hiring tools and technologies that are available to large corporations. We see a pressing need for a more strategic, integrated approach to recruitment — a process that is streamlined, data-driven, and capable of delivering not just any candidates, but the right candidates.

Hiring is Hard.
HireBus Makes it Easier